Wednesday, 28 March 2012


I have set this page up, to keep people update with what is happening on the Irish republican music circuit and scene in and around Glasgow, although this will also include details about bands and events outwith this area. I dont think many people are as aware as those involved, as to just what goes on every week in the Irish and Celtic bars in the city. At weekends for example you have music on from around 2pm right through to 10 or 11pm in most bars especially in the Gallowgate area. If this blog proves to be a hit, which with your help and support it can be, we will have updates on an almost daily basis, interviews with bands, promotional blogs on new CD releases, weekly posts about gigs and events happening involving the bands and flute bands, information about other republican events such as marches, talks and informational nights ran in the area. We hope this blog can take off and not only let people know whats happening, but get them more involved in the scene.

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